Individuality is the prime mover of change and sets humanity in motion. Individuality spearheads and gives encouragement for innovation.

Individuality is the prime mover of change and sets humanity in motion. Individuality spearheads and gives encouragement for innovation. It is essential characteristic that partake in the society. In a world where individuality does not exist, the society today would most likely disintegrate. The society we live at present would not be pleasant as this. Our individual attributes and features are the key to a progressing world. When nothing goes left, go left. Should you follow the crowd or try to stay away and make a name for yourself? Would you go with the flow or stay behind and make difference?

Nowadays, we are extremely fitting at our fingertips, the smartphones, the computers, the World Wide Web, the smartwatch and other edge cutting technologies networks to provide comfort to our existence. Without Paul Nipkow who designed the first true television mechanism, what are we today? If Alexander Graham Bell did not lay the foundation of telecommunication, how are we today? Could we see light at home during nightime if Thomas Alva Edison did not invent the light bulb? What would we have now iif Steve Jobs did not invent the Apple’s iPhone?  If Bill Gates did not created Microsoft? Creativity directed these ground-breaking inventions, and that creativity has a direct relationship to individuality. If Bill Gates and Steve Jobs possess similar qualities, it is uncertain that one or the other has come up with the world-shattering technology they accomplished.

Individuality urges modernization, maintains existence and civilization alluring and compels society to persist progress.

Individuality provides answers to questions and come across reality. Isaac Newton explained a wide range of natural phenomena through the Law of Gravitation.  Nicholaus Copernicus postulated that the sun is the centre of the solar system, supported by the invention of telescope by Galileo disproved the stand of religion that the earth is the center of the universe (Ptolemaic system). The claims that the earth was square that you will fall at the edge was refuted by Pythagoras and proposed that the earth is spherical, and is proved by the voyage of Christopher Columbus. Exploration pointed the discovery of these perception changing principles. It is doubtful that if Sir Isaac Newton did not observed and took an inquiry about the apple that fell from the tree, gravity would still be unknown until the time of Einstein.

The role of individuality can be appreciated highly in culture. Literature is full of distinctive qualities and uniqueness. Writings such as novels are often comparable but the writer’s peculiar nature is reflected in their work. In each case the author’s discrete views and mental state reveal through, sustaining the piece from being ordinary. Music operates the same way, with stress to individuality. Being different is good, individuality does not only pervade culture. It also obliges society and culture to embrace new innovations and principles. Society is dynamic, advancing and daring new platform. All of this can be ascribed to individuality which powers the societal glares.

Individuality is valued and respected. Everyone is seeking for their distinguishable marks. Everyone struggles to stand out. Perhaps you would not want to imitate this person and be a copycat. Judy Garland said that always be the first rate version of yourself and not the second rate version of someone else.

Individuality does not only bestow itself to improvement, society and culture. Individuality is a unique quality that each one is searching for.

Individuality does not only bestow itself to improvement, society and culture. Individuality is a unique quality that each one is searching for. A song by the Hunter Hayes goes this way “Dare to be something different, dare to be something more,” no matter what you are dare to be different. Remember the line from Katty Perry’s song “You’re original cannot be replaced.”


Tuloy pa rin ang Awit ng Buhay Ko


‘Tuloy pa rin ang awit ng buhay ko’ got again its popularity as part of the McDonald’s commercial. Think outside the box, the hell that love is. Huh. Have you ever been to pressure points, struggles, and adversities? Well, perhaps most of us have been through such difficulties or others maybe experiencing those twins of life at present.

Have you ever tried to walk along the hallway or along the aisle and everybody looks at you from head to toe with their eyebrows raised coupled with whimpers of tinge in your clothes that as if they are pure and clean? At times you see some people who you consider as friends will drown you on the wide seas of verdict and even fabricate things for their happiness. It is degrading that at times you want to vanish from their judgments, and even think to terminate and find rest in the peaceful arms of the dusk.

I have been through a lot of unending difficulties of varying degree. At times I can’t sleep thinking of what to do next. I am preoccupied and tend to blow the fire of hope. During those times of struggles and loneliness, some good friends said, ‘you can surpass it,’ others said ‘be strong,’ and others said ‘don’t be affected by those judgmental people.’ It is so easy to say such but to do it, is another Mount Everest to climb. Many problems have a lot of solutions but some problems have nothing but a mere acceptance.

Despite of those eyes; of these issues and conditions; of these monsters, still there are people aside from my family who truly and solidly care and support me that makes me glad, keeps on enduring the pain, keeps my feet in motion and keeps fighting more. Few people know and understand that everyone has stains in their garments; and few also know that judging and fabrication can destroy a person.

A life with struggles is a life worth living. It is but normal to have a dull music but don’t let the music stop, at some point, you’ll have a music live and loud. Problems are natural ingredient, and struggle is a twin of this existence. What matters most is the lesson that we learned from each problem that will make us stronger and more mature. Despite having a lot of setbacks, still dance with the wind and keep the music on play. Tuloy pa rin ang awit ng buhay ko. Tuloy pa rin ang awit ng buhay ko.

Allow Me


Allow me to sink in the songs of crickets

Far from the thunders of the city I departed

Permitting myself to go astray at this moment


When words and words rejects harmony

From the anaemic moon and the firmament of the skies

Then I gamble not to say a single word


Let the fresh gentle wind cradle on my skin

Since tonight, is nothing like any other nights

Terminating my senses don’t come by its dreads


A minute or two, a little bit longer

Waiting for the lawn to soil my shoes

And the natural powders settle to the night


Not one word needs to come among us

The diamonds of the sky are just a stretch

Close at hand to call them mine


A remembrance, a portrait starring in peace

Notwithstanding for a drop of time

Since at this point, castle in Spain seems YES

Let’s go local, let’s go Cordillera

wp_ss_20170430_0002Belongingness in a group is such a great thing. Being in the Cordilleras is an awesome experience, from the various traditions, cultures and festivities to the Cordilleran food to the world class parks and places and to the unfailing Cordilleran values make a lot more visits in the Igorot country.

Through the years Igorots are known to practice a wide range of traditions and festivities. ‘Begnas’ is a thanksgiving rite after the harvest, the more famous ‘cañao’ an event indicating a victory or success, and the ‘dawak’ the igorot traditional way of wedding. Cordilleras is also a place for festivals, from Mountain Province the recently culminated Lang-ay Festival in Bontoc and the Etag festival of Sagada. The Strawberry festival of La Trinidad, the renowned Panagbenga of Baguio,the Gong festival also in Baguio, the Kawayan festival of Abra ,the Imbayah festival in Ifugao, the Say-am festival in Apayao, the Ullalim of Kalinga and many more festivals in the highlands. During wake ‘Baya-o’ is sung by the elders.

Not to forget the ‘bahag,’ the ‘tapis,’ the bag made of rattan and the gong and the tambol and especially the wat-wat, and the ‘salidummay’ together with the basi and tapueyto include in the general list of Cordilleran fine art.

There are plenty of foods in the highlands. Cordillerans take pride of the La Trinidad as the Salad Bowl of the Philippines, the rice terraces ofIfugao, Mountain Province, Abra, Kalinga and Apayao never fails to supply the people. The Igorot cuisine has a lot more to offer aside from the well-known Etag, the Pinapaitan, the Igorot delicacy from the dog meat and of course the brewed coffee. Good taste, Jack’s and Solibaohas their menus to choose from, if you don’t feel meat as part of your diet Health 100 may fit your taste buds.

Cordilleras is a home of beautiful places. Baguio alone has several parks perfect for a walk; breathe of fresh air and selfie. Burnham Park which is situated in the city proper together with the Rizal Park and Malcolm square are perfect spots to sit and enjoy. The Botanical Garden, Mines View Park, Wright Park, Camp John Hay and many more places in the capital of the Cordillera offers fascinating views and world class experience. Benguet is a home for the trekkers not to exclude the Strawberry farm, Bahong flower farm and the Benguet State University as a good location to unwind. Mount Pulag, Mount Ulap, MountKabunyan, Mount Yangbew and Mount Kabunyan and many more challenging mountains to climb. Mountain Province too has their mountains. Sagada home for the Sagada weaving, Kiltepan sunrise etc., Tadian the gateway to Ilocandia houses the Mt. Mogao (Mt. Clitoris) and of course the enchanted eels of Kagubatan. Don’t forget the Sleeping Beauty Mountain of Kalinga and water rafting in Chico River. The ever fascinating Banaue rice terraces of Ifugao, the relaxing Open Air Museum of Kiangan and the Yamashita Shrine. Oh, don’t forget the Underground River and beautiful Apayao together with the Kaparkan Falls of Abra. Not only are those there more in the Cordilleras.

The Igorot country never fails. The song Humble and Kind of Tim McGraw describes the Igorot people. Igorot people are hardworking, simple, accommodating and cowboy not to mention their social status and/or their attainments. You might as well check the song Montañosa for more.

April marks the month of the Cordillerans. As the days pass by and as the calendar changes let the precious culture be endured and be sustained. Let evey province of Cordillera unite like their unity in the olden times to resist the abusive colonizers. Let’s go local, let’s go Cordillera.


WP_20160521_09_56_00_Pro.jpgLove rooted from the plain fibers of my heart
Cultivated through the years you arrive
The sweats we had on this thing called love
To go strong and walk the path

The dearest man everyone desires
Defective yet perfected by the ways of love
The blinks of eye and the smiles you got
To me you are beyond enough

Cares you provide are worth than precious
Hugs of thy arms feel safe and sound
The vows of devotion where I cling and trust
Be fulfilled and lived up by our actions in love

This place of fresh green grasses and shrubs
The cool clear waters mirror under us
The trees over us and the spirits which guide
All life we passed is witness of this love

Nadko and The Wake


Living a life in the provinces is such a nice thing. Unlike in the city, everything is respected, one of which is that community people put a lot of emphasis and courteous regard to a departed one. People will gather at the house of the laid to show their sympathy. The community people will collect a small amount of rice to be consumed during the wake.
Since today with the introduction of Christianity, folks would offer religious songs, others would go for seculars. Elders or even people who know some parts of the life of the insensitive one could speak and share the story through ‘baya-o.’ ‘Baya-o’ is an ode, sang depicting the heroic deeds of the stretched. You can talk both the heroic and misfortunes regarded it is authentic. If you want to know the highlights in the life of the man in the coffin don’t ask your seatmates rather listen to the baya-o. It is also sung in a way to express sorrow. The baya-o would also contain peices of advice and words of luck to the offspring of the one who left.
In the burial, some songs would go while placing the coffin in the tomb. After that everyone who attended the burial should go back to the house and wash their hands in a basin of boiled guava leaves. While some elders will stay, other folks could go and continue with their businesses.
The Sitting One

The body of the dead was place here, or other would tie them in the ‘adigi’ or post, notice the holes where the ‘de-eng’ will flow down to the basin underneath.

At some point in time, folks practice not to house the dead in a coffin instead they let the dead sit on a chair. They will lace the upper body on the chair to prevent from turning sideways or falling down. During those days formalin was not yet common to the folks. On each side of the dead was firewood ignited and underneath the chair was a basin to catch the ‘de-eng’, the smell you know is very foul and strong.  Folks would perform their rituals and sing their baya-os.
Accordingly people who were positioned that way during there wake were people of importance. The ‘kadangyan,’ the influential ones, the ‘mangatala,’ and those part of the community council. Based on the words of mouth if you want to follow the steps of the dead, you can sip on the ‘de-eng’ or sprinkle some in your body.
Baya-o- an ode
De-eng- the liquid from a decaying flesh
Kadangyan- rich; people with vast tracks of land and those who have a lot of animals
Mangatala- a sorcerer



The tambol

Indeed Kabunyan has blessed the people with energy to cultivate the land. Kabunyan blessed the works of the people and now they have abundant harvest. Their palay plant and their vegetables have grown and produce much for the needs of the people and their animals have increased in number. What a very good year!

Annually, days after the second rice cropping folks perform a ritual of thanksgiving; called ‘begnas.’ In this ritual, folks gather at the ‘dap-ay’ to witness and participate in the event. In that day everyone will stay in the community no one should go in the rice fields or in the mountains to visit their animals. Bog bog bog sounds the ‘tambol’ in the ‘dap-ay signalling the ‘begnas.’ The folks then would bring their gongs, spear and shield in the dap-ay, there they will dance with the sound of the gong. A tapuey or gin will be served to the folks. The folks will butcher a native pig and a white rooster. They will pray to Kabunyan, and they will make some ‘ayeng.’ An elder would cry “kabunyan ed daya usdungam pod nan ipogaw tay nay men iyaman da sin ad ado ay apit da” and other folks would do “ayenggg.”

Our very own Dap-ay and the Sadduko.

After they performed all the necessary things in the dap-ay, the folks will go in the ‘papatayan’ a place where they offer the gods food. From the butchered native pig and white rooster and some tapuey will be offered to the gods. Bones on the head of the butchered pig will be kept in the dap-ay. After offering foods to the gods, the folks will go back to the dap-ay, and continue play the gong.

Begnas is a sacramental thanksgiving rite by the people of the mountains. The people depend more on agriculture and livestock raising for survival so they pray to Kabunyan to grant them again the factors of abundance. Aside from plentiful harvest, folks also pray for life, peace, order and unity among the community people. All gratitude to Kabunyan!